City View Top Attorneys 2021

Congratulations to Bernstein, Stair & McAdams LLP attorneys Tyler Chastain, Scott Taylor, Allison Easterday Alexander, Daryl Fansler, Elizabeth Towe, Heather Anderson, and Haleigh Chastain for being selected by their peers as top attorneys in their respective practice areas in the 2021 Knoxville City View Magazine!

Tyler Chastain was nominated as top attorney for both creditor and debtor Bankruptcy.

Scott Taylor was nominated as top attorney for Mediation/Arbitration and Family Law/Divorce/Child Support.

Allison Easterday Alexander was nominated as top attorney for Adoption and Family Law/Divorce/Child Support.

Daryl Fansler was nominated as top attorney for Mediation/Arbitration.

Heather Anderson was nominated as top attorney for Adoption, Construction Law, and Labor and Employment-Employee.

Elizabeth Towe and Haleigh Chastain were nominated as top attorneys for Family Law/Divorce/Child Support.

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Now in its 61st year, Bernstein, Stair & McAdams LLP is a general practice firm handling civil litigation, family law, business transactions, real estate development and finance, employment matters, probate, bankruptcy, and mediation and arbitration. The firm has offices at 116 Agnes Road in Bearden (Knoxville).

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