Knox County Delinquent Property Tax Sale

The Knox County, Tennessee government is preparing for what is anticipated to be one of the largest delinquent property tax sales in recent history. With several hundred parcels currently in the upcoming sale, including numerous commercial properties, this sale will offer a wide variety of properties for purchase throughout Knox County.

The tax suit and tax sale affect numerous citizens and their families each year. Despite its far-reaching effects, the tax sale is somewhat of a mystery to many. It can be a confusing and anxiety-producing process for those faced with losing their property.  For purchasers, the process of purchasing property and taking possession can also have its own frustrations. There is a general lack of assistance for taxpayers and purchasers alike.      

BSM attorney, Matt McDonald, has created an article intended to serve as an introductory guide and resource to shed light on this process.  Matt highlights the key governmental offices involved and the general procedure of tax assessment and collection, followed by a discussion of the delinquent tax suit and sale.

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